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Navigating the headwinds of the food industry with innovative business consulting services!

Business Consulting Services

Sisu Solutions can provide you and your company with all aspects of business development from planning to execution. 

Details of the services that Sisu can provide include the following: 

#1 Business Planning

#1 Business Planning

A business plan whether for the short or longer term, is a mandatory tool for all businesses.  It is the framework that encapsulates the company's vision, mission, objectives, strategies and, tactics.  The components for the long term success of your company.   Business planning services could include but not limited to:

  • Coaching on the "how to" create a business plan - annual and long term strategic plans. How to solicit input, compile information, develop, execute and monitor/measure the plan against monthly/annual results 
  • Sisu Solutions Inc. can  develop a 3 to 5 year strategic long term business plan that will serve as the company's framework of reference for the next 3 to 5 years of business development 
  • From the strategic plan, an annual plan can be developed using similar framework and process 

#2 Marketing Management Services

#2 Marketing Management Services

Marketing is built on the tradition of the "4 P's" but it is so much more.  Among other descriptors, marketing is the fuel that drives the business development engine.  Marketing management services provided by Sisu Solutions Incorporated could include but are not limited to: 

  • Development or contribution to the development of the marketing strategy section of the over arching strategic and/or annual business plan 
  • All stages of category development and management.  Including existing product evaluation, to new product ideation, commercialization to full launch 
  • Tactical executions including but not limited to, market research, agency working relationships, branding development, product training for both sales teams and customers alike 

#3 Sales Development

#3 Sales Development

With expertise within the Foodservice, Costco-Club, Supermarket Perimeter Departments and, Industrial Ingredient (B2B), Sisu Solutions Incorporated can provide the following services:

  • Comprehensive assessment of your company's products/services and development of selling strategy linkages to various sales channels (i.e: retail, foodservice), segments (i.e: refrigerated, shelf stable), and market places (geography)
  • Development (or coaching to develop) a comprehensive sales plan for both existing and required products to meet category needs/gaps. Plan would strategically address the "what, where, how, why and, when" by channel, segment, market and customer.  Annual sales objectives both quantitative and qualitative would be included. 
  • Effective customer presentation templates that will provide higher closure rates over shorter time periods 
  • Hand on and in-field work including customer introductions and presentations
  • Assessment of current or longer term use of CRM as a sales and business development tool 

#4 Sales Force "In-Field" Effectiveness

#4 Sales Force

It is imperative that your sales force is effective 100% of the time; 100% of the sales opportunities.  

Sisu solutions Incorporated can provide services such as:

  • Work in-field, pre and,  post customer presentations/meeting to provide "real time" feedback, skills assessment, coaching and development solutions.  Not theoretical, real time coaching and provision of tools for future implementation 
  • Overall assessment of your sales force effectiveness both individually and/or as a tea.  This can be done for both direct sales forces and broker sales forces 
  • Leave behind tools for use with future customer product presentations, business plan presentations and, customer plan review meetings

Sisu Solution’s 20+ years of expertise lies within developing long term, profitable businesses within the

  • Foodservice - both distribution and operator segments
  • Costco - Club channel including cash and carry, bulk departments within retail 
  • Supermarket Perimeter Departments including HMR/Deli, Bakery, and, Produce
  • Industrial Ingredient (B2B)

This expertise will provide timely and valuable assessments to build from. Find out more about Sisu Solutions Inc. Services are a la carte. See one or more services your company is interested in discussing, I would welcome the opportunity to meet with you to discuss further.

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