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A Guide To Building Business With Costco

Building Business with Costco by Sisu Solutions provides you, the manufacturer or sales agency / broker with all the relevant information as it pertains to being successful in gaining a listing / business with Costco. 

This easy to use guide covers the following information and more:

  • Understanding Costco’s Culture - this is key to understanding why they are successful
  • The Costco Shopper - who are they and what products do they want and why do they want them
  • Costco’s Supply Chain - what is required?
  • How does a Costco Buyer “Buy”? - how are products evaluated and how do products get listed; what key factors do you need to ensure your product has to “win a place in the Costco warehouse”
  • Merchandising the Costco Way - includes insights into merchandising vehicles
  • Manufacturer’s Presentation - what you need to prepare for your meeting with the buyer, how to prepare and why
  • Examples of Successful Products - what a successful product looks like and why they are successful

Why purchase Building Business with Costco?

This guide will prepare you and give you the necessary tools to ensure a successful first meeting and prepare you to put your best foot forward in obtain a listing commitment.  If a vendor has 1 product listed in all 98 Canadian Costco warehouses and it generates $1,000 per week per warehouse this will = $5.1 million in annual sales.

Purchase Building Business with Costco for $100 CAD – a small investment that could lead to a substantial R.O.I.!

The Guide To Building Business With Costco will be provided to you in both a PowerPoint and PDF format.

Building Business with Costco ($100 CAD)

We guarantee 100% satisfaction and usable information!  If you are not 100% satisfied with your purchase, please contact Jo at

Please Note: Once we receive your order your Powerpoint Guide (& PDF Version) will be emailed to you within 24 hours. If you have any questions or concerns at all please contact us. This template is the sole property of the purchaser and is not to be shared with anyone outside of the purchaser's company without written approval from Sisu Solutions Inc.