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Industry Articles & Information

View the articles below for the latest information and research on the food manufacturing industry. 

Foodservice Channel News and Articles

Foodservice Channel News and Articles

If you are developing products and services for the foodservice channel, understanding the trends, key drivers and opportunity size is important.

  • TECHNOMICS - is one of the foodservice industries top providers of Global, North American and, Canadian foodservice research findings and their associated implications. Used by leading food manufacturers, brokers, distributors and operators worldwide as the trusted source! 
    • TECHNOMICS provides free newsletters containing many valuable nuggets of research, trends and their implications

Retail and Club Store Channel News and Articles

Retail and Club Store Channel News and Articles
  • Developing products to assist consumers with meal solutions is a growing category
    • Canadian HMR market in 2016 reached $880 million in sales with a growth of 25% over the past 4 years*
    • 4 in 5 Canadian purchase an HMR meal 1x/month; 1/3 purchase weekly*
    • Biggest cohort of purchasers are Millenials and retired Baby Boomers - two largest demographic cohorts in Canada(1)
  • Consider developing products that can be sold in the supermarket deli area - also known as the home meal replacement or restaurant meal solution category
  • A recent article from Canadian Grocer outlines the popularity of meal solutions from the deli department. Visualize your product being a part of this $880 million market! 
 *Technomic 2017 HMR Study  
  (1) NPD HMR study 2016

Food Industry Research and Trends

Food Industry Research and Trends
  • One of the most trusted sites for flavour trends is McCormicks (spices) and their annual Flavour Trends Report. This is a good source to find:
    • what flavours and cuisines are becoming or are on trend.
    • helpful information when choosing flavour profiles for your product launches.

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